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Uploaded on June 25th

Personal Injury Lawyer Johannesburg - Phone 087 550 3442 For Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Claims LawyerIf you or a loved one were injured or hurt an a collision, your daily life could possibly change in ways that you never envisioned.The actions that you take immediately after a crash and the people that place your trust in can have a radical result on the eventual outcom...

Uploaded on April 30th

Bee Removals Johannesburg | Bee Removal Gauteng

Bee Removal Johannesburg GautengBee removal service Call 087 550 4721 today. If bees have decided to make a home in your home or business, call us today and we'll get rid of them immediately. We cover the whole of Gauteng and offer a professionally done, same day service. Call 087 550 4721 today for...

Uploaded on January 30th

HCG Weight Loss Diet System

The hCG Diet Fast Weight Loss DietIt is a well documented fact that during world war 2 the Japanese treated British prisoners of war inhumanely.After the war the were hundreds of extremely malnourished soldiers who were deemed too weak to make the long journey home. The decision was taken to first l...

Uploaded on August 17th

How To Make A Facebook Post Go Viral

What Is A Viral Post Anyway?This is a misunderstood concept. Many people think you need something really “out there”, maybe something a bit risque, or you just need to be lucky.This is not the case at all. You can only have a post go viral once you have established a decent relationship with you...

Uploaded on August 12th

Marketing Webinars

This short video covers the specifics of what a google hangout actually is, how it works and the amazing benefits it can have for your business in terms of top Google rankings, especially in South Africa.In this video John Currie from Currie Enterprises explains why Google hangouts should be an esse...

Uploaded on July 25th

Womens Business Directory South Africa

Hi this is John Currie from and tonight we have Lindsay Grobler from She's Connected SA a dedicated women's business directory South Africa.Lindsay, can you give us a little background to your expertise. How did you get into this business? Women wear so many hats at the various...

Uploaded on June 24th

Wedding Cakes In Randburg

The wedding cake is definitely the centerpiece at a wedding and you want a cake that not only looks fantastic but tastes terrific as well. It should also be in the style of the wedding and this is our aim at Randburg Wedding CakesWe would certainly advise arranging a time to disc...

Uploaded on June 24th

Facebook Marketing Johannesburg

Facebook Marketing Johannesburg  The purpose of a Facebook fan page and Facebook advertising is to develop new Facebook fans and convert the new fans into paying customers.We utilise innovative Facebook marketing techniques to conduct Facebook competitions and promotions. We generate ...

Uploaded on June 19th

Get A Top Google Ranking In South Africa

 A top Google ranking in South Africa. In this video John Currie from shows us how he can get a top Google rank in Johannesburg, or any of the major cities, for small to medium size businesses. John uses Google hangout technology wit YouTube and a powerful local directory to ach...

Uploaded on June 18th

How To Make Money Using Facebook Fan Page Marketing

John Currie discusses small to medium businesses can make money using Facebook fan page marketing.One needs to use Facebook fan pages in conjunction with Facebook applications to run competitions that entice the potential clients to click on a tab where they can win a prize or get a discount coupon ...

Uploaded on June 11th

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Johannesburg

John Currie from Currie Enterprises discusses the difference between a Facebook 'Like" and a Facebook "connect". Most people believe that a Facebook like is all they need and so they chase Facebook likes all over the place.A Facebook like will not drive clients to your business. It merely ...

Uploaded on June 05th

Fly Fishing South Africa

Goto to visit our online fly fishing shop products page, and purchase your fly fishing gear online. If your area is not listed in the store, just choose the option to pick up from store and contact us to arrange delivery for you. As we are still in the process ...

Uploaded on April 29th

Buy Printers in Johannesburg

To buy printers in johannesburg visit streamline print  or email Gary at or buy printers onlineStreamline Office Technologies is based in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg.  We operate in the greater Gauteng area and are able to offer service nationally as a r...

Uploaded on April 26th

Buy Copiers In Johannesburg

Give us a little background to your expertise. How did you get into this business? I have been in the industry for 8 years and kind of fell into it by accident because right off the bat in matric when all my other classmates were talking about varsity or world travel I didn’t have a cooking c...

Uploaded on March 19th

Johannesburg - The City Of Gold

Welcome to Johannesburg Local HangoutsBringing you the best that Johannesburg has to offer including:Local Business ReviewsEventsWhat Not To DoDeals in and around the cityCultureNeighbourhoodsWant your business featured on this site?  Contact us at 011 869 0059 or 079 300-2850 for free video in...

Uploaded on March 19th

Social Media Specialist Johannesburg

Today we interview JJ Currie  who in my opinion, is the pre-eminent social media specialist Johannesburg .JJ, can you give us a little background to your expertise. How did you get into this business?Well I started out in digital marketing 13 years ago. It all started through building and then ...