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Uploaded on August 12th

Marketing Webinars

This short video covers the specifics of what a google hangout actually is, how it works and the amazing benefits it can have for your business in terms of top Google rankings, especially in South Africa.In this video John Currie from Currie Enterprises explains why Google hangouts should be an esse...

Uploaded on June 24th

Facebook Marketing Johannesburg

Facebook Marketing Johannesburg  The purpose of a Facebook fan page and Facebook advertising is to develop new Facebook fans and convert the new fans into paying customers.We utilise innovative Facebook marketing techniques to conduct Facebook competitions and promotions. We generate ...

Uploaded on June 18th

How To Make Money Using Facebook Fan Page Marketing

John Currie discusses small to medium businesses can make money using Facebook fan page marketing.One needs to use Facebook fan pages in conjunction with Facebook applications to run competitions that entice the potential clients to click on a tab where they can win a prize or get a discount coupon ...

Uploaded on June 11th

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Johannesburg

John Currie from Currie Enterprises discusses the difference between a Facebook 'Like" and a Facebook "connect". Most people believe that a Facebook like is all they need and so they chase Facebook likes all over the place.A Facebook like will not drive clients to your business. It merely ...