How To Make A Facebook Post Go Viral

What Is A Viral Post Anyway?

This is a misunderstood concept. Many people think you need something really “out there”, maybe something a bit risque, or you just need to be lucky.This is not the case at all. You can only have a post go viral once you have established a decent relationship with your fans. It is only once you have developed a rapport with your Facebook fans by talking to them (posting things they like to see and read), listening to what they say through their comments, seeing which posts the like, which posts and images they share and comment on, that you get to know with a large degree of certainty, which posts and images will be very popular and should go viral.

The image below comes from my Labradorworld facebook page. I have had this fan page up for just over three months now, so I really do know which buttons to press with this audience. I have experimented quite a lot with these fans and done a lot of testing but very little marketing. In fact, I am only now starting to do a bit of marketing. I have a rule of only posting a marketing link in every 10 posts, and then I put that link on an image I am fairly certain this group of fans will respond to.
The secret to success in any niche you are promoting on Facebook is to first build solid base of fans via Facebook adverting. Then you nurture that group by posting images and content that you are pretty certain they will enjoy, comment on and share with their friends. Then, and only then will they trust you enough to buy from you, after all Facebook is for hanging out with friends. Once they regard you as a friend, they will take heed of your recommendations, and that is what your sales links should be formatted to look like.
viral-post I took the screen grab three hours after I posted the image on Facebook. You can see my subtle yet strong call to action indicated with my affiliate link.  You will also see that 275 people have SHARED the post after three hours, which means 275 people have been exposed to my affiliate link.  This is incredible exposure for a business you wish to promote or a product you are selling.The post already has over 1,000 LIKES and 54 comments. Notice my small promotional item to as you can see in the image below.  You want it it be subtle, yet still be an effective call to action. This particular post got five inquiries and three signups in the first three hours.

Here Is The Same Post 21 Hours Later…

Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 193353

I should also point out that the Facebook post was done on a Friday afternoon which is not the best time to do Facebook posts… Anyway, notice that it has now had 458 shares (this means it has been posted on 458 peoples timelines). That is the reason it has been seen by 31,264 people and not because Facebook has shown it to 31,264 who follow my Labradorworld Facebook fan page! o get Facebook to show a post to all of your fan you need to do a PROMOTED POST, but that is the subject of another post.
In total 88 people have commented on the post which is brilliant, because I intend to like a lot of their comments and reply to many of the comments they have made etc. So when we talk about “engaging” with the fans his is what we mean. Find and post unique content you KNOW they are passionate about and they will share it.Those 31,264 people who have seen this post have all seen my affiliate link which is low key yet contains an intriguing message anyone with a pet will be inclined to click as you can see in the image below:


It is important to monetise your posts, but do it no more than one in ten posts and don’t beat them over the head with it! If you were to do a promoted post, you can be a lot more “salesy” but for regular unpromoted posts such as this one, it is better to keep the link quite low key.To receive information like this on a weekly basis, simply sign up using the  form below.