Fly Fishing South Africa

Goto to visit our online fly fishing shop products page, and purchase your fly fishing gear online. If your area is not listed in the store, just choose the option to pick up from store and contact us to arrange delivery for you. As we are still in the process of loading all our products to the store please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for, we might just have it in store.

Our online fly fishing shop has a wide selection of fly fishing rods for sale, brands like: TFO, Vision, Stealth, Sonik, Orvis and Xplorer.

We have all the products in store if you would like to have a look at them before purchase. Our fly fishing reels for sale include brands like: Shilton, Vision, Xplorer, Stealth, Sonik. Come and see our Shilton reel collection, and test them out at the dam next to the shop.We also stock a wide selection of fly fishing line, floating intermediate and sinking. Some of the fly line brands are: Vision, Cortland, Rio, Airflo, Stealth and Xplorer.

For the fly tiers we have fly tying evenings, with some of the best tiers in the country giving classes every Tuesday.