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The hCG Diet Fast Weight Loss Diet

It is a well documented fact that during world war 2 the Japanese treated British prisoners of war inhumanely.After the war the were hundreds of extremely malnourished soldiers who were deemed too weak to make the long journey home.

The decision was taken to first let them regain their strength in India before returning home.Dr. Simeons a renowned endocrinologist noticed that after about a month or two many of these self same soldiers were now showing all the signs of obesity, yet they were simply being fed the standard daily rations.

Certainly no foods that could lead to obesity.How could this diet lead to obesity?His conclusion was that it was the hypothalamus, an organ within the brain that controls many important bodily functions, that was to blame. These men had been on a starvation diet for that long that the hypothalamus had actually re-set itself only expect the starvation diet.

What happened when the men resumed eating the regular rations is that the hypothalamus then directed the body to store most of the food as fat, in what Dr. Simeons called a “fat bank”.He then started researching for a way to re-set the hypothalamus to deal with a regular diet. This actually became his life’s passion.

While still in India, Dr. Simeons was working with obese boys in India who suffered with underdeveloped genital and undescended testicles. It was found that that these organs could be developed by giving the patients doses of a substance extracted from the urine of newly pregnant women.The purified extract of this substance was accordingly called “Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin” whereby chorionic signifies that it is produced in the placenta and gonadotropin that its action is sex gland directed, or hCG for short.

The hCG produced extremely good results on these boys and when these patients were given the doses in small daily doses, he noticed that they also lost their ravenous appetite and although they were not on any form of diet, there was a distinct decrease in the circumference of their hips.It occurred to Dr. Simeons that the change in shape could be explained by a movement of fat away from abnormal deposits on the hips, and if that were so there was just a chance that while such fat was in transition it might be available for the the body to use as as fuel.

This was easy to find test, as in that case, the fat on the move would be able to replace food. It should then be possible to keep a “fat boy” on a severely restricted diet without any feelings of hunger, in spite of a rapid loss of weight and inches.He found that by prescribing a diet of 500 – 800 calories daily, the obese boys would lose between half to 1kg a day.It was also evident that only abnormal fat was being consumed, as there were no signs of any depletion of normal fat.

Their skin remained fresh and gradually their figures became entirely normal. The daily administration of HCG had no side-effects other than beneficial ones.From that point it was a small step to try the same method in all other forms of obesity. It took a few hundred cases to establish beyond all doubt that the mechanism operates in exactly the same way and seemingly without exception in every case of obesity.He found that when hCG is taken in small doses over a period of 30 to 40 days, the hypothalamus does reset itself to use the excess fat as fuel rather than storing it on the hips, thighs and the belly. Because of this it was easy to keep those extra unwanted kilograms off permanently.

So that is how the hCG diet weight loss sy  stem came to be. Today it has helped countless thousands of people from all walks of life to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently.

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